Creating synergies for lessons-learnt between the automotive and aerospace industries

The automotive industry has quickly increase the complexity and coupling in their new vehicle designs. This complexity is starting to outstrip practitioners’ ability to provide high confidence that unexpected interactions between components will not lead to accidents. Software and digital systems provide great challenges.

This conference is there to help the industry overcome these challenges. 

Why you should attend?

  • Learn innovative approaches  on the emergence of strategies for reliability and safety of systems to meet the growing complexity that the aerospace and automotive areas are currently facing
  • Hear about the latest  achievements  of autonomous concepts for the automotive and aviation industry 
  • Discover strategies used on standardisation for systems safety in order to improve and align your data quality
  • Understand the environmental requirements and recognize and benefit from cross industry knowledge transfer
  • Effectively improve your engineering processes through seamless integration of testing and validation, in manufacturing and after sales service refinement 

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